WATCH Usain Bolt’s LAST EVER Race And Post Interview “I’ve Never Been That Nervous”


Usain Bolt is the greatest sprinter of our time, a man of upstanding sportsmanship, exuding confidence but not arrogance, charm, and kindness, caring for his community, always ready to joke on himself and uplift others. A stand-up man, a man of the world, supported by everyone.

And now, Bolt’s professional career is over, he smashed his last ever competitive 100m sprint in his home country, in Kingston, in front of a packed stadium.

As he crossed the line, fireworks erupted, the end of an era, the last performance of a legend, and an amazing one to end on!

You have to wonder if the others already resigned to losing! It would be wrong to beat Bolt on his send off but beating him has never been easy anyway!

Now, the stage is open for someone else to step up!

Watch below:


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