WATCH >> Every Afro-Latinx Knows Why This Mother’s “La Chancla” Scared Off A Huge Gator!


La Chancla! It’s no suprise that it’s feared by an aligator too!

For those readers who are asking, WHAT? Well, every Lantinx person knows what comes when La Chancla is unleased!

La Chancla is basically your mothers shoe / slipper. It can come flying from any direction at even the suggestion of a bad word or action that your mother disapproves of!

Every Latinx fears it, the power of it rivals any other device you can think of and every mother has pinpoint accuracy. Wars could be fought and easily won if Chanclas were the weapon of choice.

In this hilarious video, the gator just has to see La Chancla and he decides it’s time to turn around, FAST, and get the hell out of there.

Watch below!


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