Watch This Black Man Brilliantly Explain Why Satan Does Not Exist


Our entire lives we’ve been taught there is a Satan and a God. Good versus Evil. Christianity versus everyone else (Ok, I slid this one in here). But could it be possible that God and “Satan” are one in the same? In the beginning there was darkness, and from darkness came light. This would infer that Satan is of God and from God meaning he is God. The word Lucifer means “light”. If Lucifer is the light, and light is God, well, how could Satan and God be different? Watch the video below.

I will be honest, this was a pretty deep video and I realize that you have to always take things with a grain of salt. But I will tell you this, I will believe this over some magical creature in the sky that has the power to do everything yet does nothing when the original people that was made in his image are being murdered everyday.

Nonetheless, what do you think of this explanation of Satan not being real?


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