Well, it’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend people and usually for Americans that means a lot of chill, food, beer, family and hopefully good times. Remembering the history of yesterdays celebration is kind of secondary as it’s generally just a time for families to kick back and give thanks.

At school we learn about the history and it’s drummed into us. However we all know it’s a bunch of bull cr*p but how much do you know about the true history?

This hilarious video lays it down thick and gives us a laugh and how family dinner could have gone yesterday :). Take a watch and let us know what you think!!!


I know it’s easy to sit back and give excuses for not discussing history of this holiday but I love how the video puts it out there and makes us think. The time of thanks should also be the time of truth and reflection. The world has so many problems and many of us are so so fortunate. Giving thanks is important but we should mean it and try and make sure we give on our thanks and kindness to others too.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.


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