Yep, while black crime on the list! Visiting prison while black is obviously now a reason to get locked up without trial! Ok, this wasn’t quite like that but it was a huge absolute mess and he could have died!

So, what the absolute f**k happened?

Farad Polk’s son was doing time in Cook County Jail, Chicago. And as most fathers would he visited his son in the slammer. An employee gave him directions, that happened to be wrong!

He was told to go down a hall, turn right and his son would be there. However, he walked into the room, it locked behind him and he was in lockdown, in a space reserved for visitors to high security prisoners only!

It was the weekend, no one heard his screams, no one checked in. He was suck for 32 hours without food or water or anywhere to relieve himself.

He managed to think on his feet and he smashed a sprinkler head, prompting the fire dept to swoop in and rescue him!

This happened in 2014 and Farad sued the jail for “emotional distress,”. The GED Section wrote:

Farad was recently awarded a $600,000 settlement from the Cook County’s Sheriff Department. It was definitely a stressful and traumatizing situation that he never should’ve been placed in. Thankfully, he was fine, but it’s crazy to think that a man going into visit a prisoner would end up being a prisoner himself, with no care whatsoever.

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