Video: YouTube Star Kicked Off of Delta Flight for Speaking Arabic


Adam Saleh is an actor, he has some pretty funny prank videos circulating on the web. The 22 years old Arab American was recently kicked off a Delta Airline flight for speaking in his native tongue. While on the flight he was on the phone with his mother speaking Arabic and another passenger told him to “shut the fuck up.” Then to add insult to injury surrounding passengers told flight attendants they did not feel comfortable and Saleh and his friend who is also Arabic American were kicked off of the flight.

In the video you can see Saleh explaining what happened and questioning why he’s being removed but passenger who cursed at him remained on unscathed despite his aggressive language toward Saleh:

Delta Airline released a statement on their website saying “more than 20 customers” expressed their discomfort. It is unclear whether they were referring to the Arabic speaking, or the disturbance that followed.

“Once we were off the [Delta Airlines] plane, we were told it was because we were being loud. You don’t just kick someone off for being loud!” said Mr Saleh.


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