(VIDEO) Black Trump Supporter Goes Off On Immigration! “When My People Do A Crime, It’s 3 Strikes, When You Do It, You Get Amnesty”

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At a town hall meeting a black Trump female supporter went off about immigration, thanking god for Trump and blaming illegal immigration for the destruction of the black community.

She said “When My People Do A Crime, It’s 3 Strikes, When You Do It, You Get Amnesty” and much more about how immigrants were destroying the black community. Watch below:

Now, my two cents on this vary from hers just a bit! Yes, of course illegal immigration is an issue. But surely more to the point is why are businesses employing illegal immigrants and not being fined for doing so? Get rid of the illegal immigrants and these tax dodging companies would just employ poor people under the table. YOU GOT TO GO AFTER the companies who are not employing the 90million out of work Americans! They need to be held accountable….. But such is the world where we blame other individual humans who in many cases are worse off than ourselves.


What do you think?


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