Can this man get more disgusting? With everything that’s going on right now (yes, the sexual misconduct accusations) you’d think he would be keeping a low and humble profile but I guess arrogant trolls think they are bullet proof!

On Monday night during his segment covering the video of a United passenger being dragged off a flight very upset and bloody Bill O’Reilly thought it was ok to laugh.

Watching the video he said:

“I shouldn’t be laughing, but it’s just so bizarre,”

No, O’Reilly, you absolutely should not!

And luckily the internet was there to hold him to account.

The Grio wrote:

The footage showed three Chicago O’Hare Airport officers dragging a passenger off of a flight after United overbooked the flight and informed four passengers that they needed to give up their seats so that four airline employees could catch a flight to Louisville for a connecting flight. However, the passenger did not want to give up his seat and ended up being beaten bloody before he was dragged off.

While most people were outraged, O’Reilly was giggling, and it didn’t take long before the internet came for him.


“It’s ok Bill, we’ll all be laughing when you are dragged kicking and screaming from Fox,” one user said. “But I’ll politely say, ‘I shouldn’t be laughing.’”

O’Reilly has been embroiled in scandal recently, especially since it was revealed that he and Fox paid millions of dollars to settle sexual harassment cases brought against him by multiple women, prompting outrage and also causing many advertisers to pull away from his show.



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