UTMB Med Students: Yes Black Doctors Exist and Are Here to Stay


Dr. Tamika Cross, 28, went viral last year when she shared her story about how a flight attendant did not let her help a passenger in need because she didn’t believe the young, black woman was a doctor. Dr. Cross took to social media to let the world know black doctors do exist and she was one of them.

Her experience sparked the black doctor social media takeover and black female doctors all across the U.S. began posting their pictures with the #WhatDoctorsLookLike hashtag.

Although this happened last year her experience is still inspiring black female doctors (and future doctors) to let the world know they are here and not going anywhere. A group a black female UTMB Med students made a video proclaiming this fact. Singing:

“Are you the tech, the nurse, or the PA? / No, I’m the doctor, now watch me power play.
Too dark, Too smart, Too Lit, We don’t Quit! / We’re enough! Too tough! We walk like this because we can back it up!”

See for yourself:



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