Did Usain Bolt Just Sign The BIGGEST Deal In The History Of Nike?????


Usain Bolt has been making history pretty much since his name was first heard outside of Jamaica, and as he has become more and more famous he has become more and more loved, by all, not just those in his home country.

He has used his fame and wealth to help people, especially back home, where he tells advertisers, come to Jamaica if you want me in an advert. He gives A LOT of cash to local projects and even stops interviews to pay respect to the national anthems of other countries.

Now, he has been given a financial opportunity never given to anyone else before, making more history in a breaking deal with Nike.

He has been signed into Nike’s first ever lifetime deal according to many reports.



It’s reported to be worth $30 million annually.

In 2014 Kevin Durant was given a 10-year, $300 million deal by the sportswear giants, obviously Bolt’s deal crushes this!


All this seems like a hell of a lot, right? Well with Bolts status and his prior history he would do a lot of amazing things with this cash.

Sadly, the authenticity of the initial reports are in question and some are claiming it was a spoof.

At present, we can’t find solid evidence.

However, maybe a deal is in the works, maybe Nike will see the story and make an offer to make it real?

It should also be noted that currently he wears and promotes Puma… Would he break or end this deal to move to Nike?

Who knows!

Do you have any more details?


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