UPDATE: Violent “Why Can’t He Touch Your Son” Cop On Restricted Duty And Mom Charged!


Two days ago 46 year old Jacqueline Lanette Craig called the police to her neigborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. A neigbor had allegedly choked her son for not picking up litter. The police didn’t seem sympathetic and was caught on video asking why she couldn’t teach her kid to pick up litter and why the man could not put his hands on her son.

She is black, the man who choked her son and the officer was white. She was violently arrested along with her two daughters (who are minors). See the incident in the video below:

Craig was arrested on outstanding traffic warrants and suspicion of resisting arrest and taken to the station. The video was posted online and went viral, we personally pushed this hard on our facebook page and here on the site. This lead to protests outside former Tarrant County Courthouse in downtown Fort Worth.


Craig and her daughters were released on bond.

Craig’s attorney, S. Lee Merritt, talked to the press and said that the department “completely made up just to justify the unlawful arrest.”

He said the family want them dismissed and want to have charges laid against the neigbor who is alleged to have choked Craig’s son.

Merritt said of the video, “The inference is racism is all over it.”

“If this was a white child who had been choked by a black man, there’s no way on God’s green Earth that they would be walking free and that the mother of that child would have been arrested along with this child’s siblings,”

A statement by the department has not yet named the officer but confirmed he has been put on suspended duty while an investigation takes place….. Really it’s clear these charges need to be dropped and the officer needs to lose his badge.

We’ll try and keep this story updated over the coming weeks.


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