The U.S. Government Admitted to Playing a Role in the Assassination of Congo’s First Democratically-Elected Prime Minister


This country is known for committing crimes and then apologizing verbally or financially. The U.S. Government was found guilty of assassinating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This crime they were found guilty of in a court of law but in 2013 they admitted to assassinating another political leader in order to maintain control of natural resources.

In December 2013, the U.S. Government admitted President Eisenhower authorized the assassination of the Congo’s first Democratically-elected Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba. According to Political World, “In August 1960, the U.S. Government launched a covert political program in the Congo lasting almost 7 years, initially aimed at eliminating [Prime Minister Patrice] Lumumba from power and replacing him with a more moderate, pro-Western leader.”

CIA, Chief, Allan Dulles, allocated $100,000 to ensure the assassination was successfully accomplished. “The U.S. Government provided advice and financial subsidies…These funds were to be channeled in such a way as to conceal the U.S. Government as a source.”


The U.S. Government assisted in funding the efforts, Belgium played there part in physically removing Lumumba from power. Since Lumumba’s assassination, internationally-led efforts began to restore the authority of the moderate and pro-western regime in Kinshasa over the entire country.

Ludo De Witte is the Belgian author of The Assassination of Lumumba, the best book on this crime, qualifies his murder as “the most important assassination of the 20th century.” Lumumba would have led his country to take back control of their natural resources instead of allowing the United States and Belgium to exploit the Congo for their wealth of resources.

The U.S. and Belgium refused to allow Africans to have effective control of their countries raw materials. This control would  have led Africa to being the wealthiest continent in the world and they could not allow this to happen.

This is also rumored to be the cause of Gaddafi’s death. Africa has been exploited by Europe and the U.S. since the being of time and is still happening today.


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