We all heard that he TSA was under fire for the many reported incidents of it’s agents targeting black women, particularly with natural hair, and patting them down in a humiliating way.

The justification has usually been that the large hair styles could contain weapons or drugs. However any longer or larger hair style on any skin color has the ability to stash such dangerous objects so this profiling has no basis and absolutely no increase in safety for passengers.

Back in March the TSA finally owned up that this could have been a problem and under pressure related to a April 2014 complaint from the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California have said they will be providing better training to reduce these issues.

They were quoted as saying “Racial profiling is not tolerated by TSA,” and “Not only is racial profiling prohibited under {Department of Homeland Security} and agency policy, but it is also an ineffective security tactic.”


And also back in March Novella Coleman, the staff attorney with the ACLU of Northern California, said:

“The humiliating experience of countless black women who are routinely targeted for hair pat-downs because their hair is ‘different’ is not only wrong, but also a great misuse of TSA agents’ time and resources,”

So, where has the news been since the? I’ve not heard a damn thing, I can’t find any articles, so I want to turn to you? Have you heard of people being searched, have you been searched? Did the TSA really clean up its act?


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