David Banner is emerging as a voice of solid truths post-Trump election as he nails it again and again! His live facebook videos hit the mark everytime.

This time, a kind of call to action. Banner is an activist, a HCBU graduate and of course an artist.

In this video he talked about how Trump’s loyal supporters are targeting black women, not just black men and how this cannot be tolerated.

He talks about how he was at the University of Kentucky, speaking wth the historically Black male fraternity Omega Psi Phi, aka the “Ques.”. He told them they have to protect black women at all costs.



He said that White “cowards” gang up not only on single Black men but also do the same to Black women.

He said:

“We gotta stop that s**t, bruh,… We gotta send out a message to everybody that if you touch one of our women in any way, we coming down.”

This call comes after a slew of hate based attacks by Trump supporters following his election win.

Watch below:


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