Trump In Denial: “We’re not provoking.”


Trump continues to blame others for the fallout of his last few campaigns and absolutely refuses to take responsibility. TT

“We’re not provoking. We want peace. … We don’t want trouble,” he told a large crowd in Bloomington, Illinois on Sunday.

Trump’s statement stemmed from the near chaos that erupted at his St. Louis, Chicago and Dayton, OH rallies this past weekend. In the past months, there have been incidents at the candidate’s rallies in which his supporters either verbally or physically attacked protesters of his campaigns with Trump cheering them on. With this being said, Trump still insists that the turmoil of his rallies were the fault of the Democratic candidate’s , Bernie Sanders, supporters.

Meanwhile, according to DNAinfo Chicago, Trump’s campaign is on the hook for an estimated $49,000 in costs associated with renting the UIC Pavilion on Friday, even though the rally was canceled. Trump’s campaign had agreed to pay $23,000 to rent the venue at the University of Illinois at Chicago plus an estimated $27,000 in reimbursable costs, according to the contract.

Super Tuesday 2 takes place on tomorrow in North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. Find your polling place here.


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