Starting a restaurant has got to be one of the scariest business ventures to enter because restaurants have the reputation of being the one of the most difficult businesses to succeed in. Starting a restaurant is so challenging that if you were to Google “What business is most likely to fail?” The trending result would be “Restaurants.” But that did not stop these Chicagoland Foodprenuers from building successful businesses.

Rochelle Kemp, Owner of Flavor Restaurant in Richton Park IL serves a mixture of Cajun, Caribbean, and Southern style cooking. You can get everything from “Jerk Chicken Cheese Grits” to “Cajun Fried Pork Chops.” These exciting Flavors has got the attention ABC7’ Chicago 190 North and WTTW’s Chicago Tonight.

Craig Richardson, Tanya Reeves-Richardson, and Chef Derek Rylon are the owners of “Batters and Berries,” one of the Top Breakfast/Brunch spots in Chicago. They are known for their fabulous French toast. You haven’t had French toast until you’ve had it from here. They have flavors ranging from as exotic as cookies and cream to your traditional French toast. Once you have eaten here, you will be in foodie heaven.


Chef Jennifer Gavin is the Caterer of the Stars. She has done everything from cater the 2015 NFL Draft in Chicago to catering for the tours of Usher Raymond, Kelly Clarkson, and Lady Gaga to name a few.

These are three great examples of Foodprenuers who got it right. These Foodprenuers have truly found their way into the hearts of the masses by going through their bellies and as a result they have very successful businesses.

Did I mentioned that these three businesses are black owned and operated?


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