This Full-Time NFL Player Scores Four As in His First Semester of MIT’s Math PhD Program


John Urschel, the man who controls the offensive lines of the Baltimore Ravens is on a roll and his impressive run on and off the field continued when he tweeted about his 4.0 GPA score in his semester at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, of Ph.D. in mathematics.

He gladly tweeted about his first semester in almost three years and how he maintained the streak of A’s by getting 4.

Urschel always had a good academic record. He completed his three years bachelor degree from Penn State and did his master’s in mathematics. During this period, he worked as a paid Calculus Trigonometry teacher in the Penn State.

In 2013, he was awarded the “Academic Heisman”. The college honored him as the top scholar-athlete of the College, citing his excellence in football and academics.

This 24-year old, 305 lbs offensive lineman got admission in the top ranked graduate school to study mathematics and he did this while playing full time NFL.

His story shows that he is not like those regular football players.

In his interview with the American Mathematical Society, he talked about how he studied mathematics while travelling for NFL games. He also believes that he separated study and game for his own sake.


According to him, thinking mathematics on the football field would definitely make him fall and that is why the separate thinking comes naturally. He described his time for math as a period when nothing else is going on in his mind.

He expressed his love for mathematics and he loves taking challenges to live elegantly. Thus, all these are quite natural to him.




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