It Ain’t Vivaldi: The soulful sounds of classical music brought to you by BLACK VIOLIN

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Antonio Vivaldi, arguably the best composer and violinist in history, found most of his success in the 18th Century.

Given the designation of G.O.A.T over Johann Sebastian Bach only because Bach’s own pieces are largely influenced by Vivaldi’s concerto works.

Both Vivaldi and Bach were music innovators, creating harmonic contrasts never heard before and upbeat rhythmic structures very popular with concert and opera story telling.

So after centuries of composers and classically trained virtuoso’s, how does one or two blaze the trail?  I’ll tell you how, with BLACK VIOLIN .

Taking center stage in what is described as the new classical music genere, is Wilner “Wil B” Baptiste and Kevin “Kev Marcus” Sylvester.

As previously reported by UI, Wil B and Kev Marcus are classically trained violist and violinist who first met in their high school orchestra.  Together they form the duo known only as BLACK VIOLIN.  After graduating college, they joined up as hip-hop studio rats in the South Florida, working with several different acts before returning to their roots by fusing the two genres in a groundbreaking collaboration that has seen them play their music for everybody from the troops in Iraq to both the official President’s Inaugural Ball and the Kids Inaugural in Washington, DC.


Not to brush of our shoulders to POTUS and FLOTUS but the dynamic duo first gained notoriety for their performance with Alicia Keys at the 2004 Billboard Music Award’s, followed up by the “Legend Title” for their Showtime At The Apollo in 2005 on stage performance.

These gentleman have been decades in the making so check for their next performance, guaranteed it will not disappoint.


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