We are often talking about the bad thing happening in our community, but today I want to take a moment to shine a light on something great. In fact, I want to encourage you to spread the word and do the same. These are the stories we need to take our social media influence and share with the world and definitely our children.

I’m sure you remember Stephen R. Stafford II. About 5 years ago, he burst on to the scene as one of the smartest, young minds in the country. At the age of 11 years old, he began at Morehouse college giving to and rise of the viability of homeschooling in the black community. A trend that has continued today.

StephenWell, young Stephen is doing well and is earning his way towards a triple major at Morehouse College in pre-med, mathematics and computer science. Oh yes, he was just added to the list of “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.”

From The Best Schools:

Stephen started at Morehouse College at 11 years of age because his mother, who was homeschooling him, could not keep up with his potential. The college student is also a talented classical pianist; he began to play the piano at the age of two. When asked about his exceptional abilities, the teen replies: “I’m just like any other kid. I just learn very, very quickly.”

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The state of Georgia has this stupid law that says students cannot graduate from high school before the age of 16 years old, so technically the young man must complete that course work first. He will receive his college degrees just one year after this at the age of 17, then onward to Morehouse School of Medicine. He is on pace to graduate their at the tender age of 22 as a full blown medical graduate.

This young man has an amazing story, brain and support system. The great thing about it is he is an inspiration to children and young adults all around the world. Let’s make sure we spread his story so we can continue to inspire and encourage many more Stephens so we can have a community of them.

Great job, Stephen! The world is waiting to find out what you do next and who you inspire to greatness as well.

Source: http://www.blackyouthproject.com/2013/10/teen-triple-majors-at-morehouse-college-will-graduate-from-med-school-at-22/


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