Students Participate in Door Challenge to Celebrate Black History Month


This year’s Black History Month is being celebrated in different ways by different groups of Americans, but there is one group that has stood out with its celebrations. The group is no other than the college students. Motivated by the Black History Door Challenge movement, the students are decorating dorm room doors with faces of famous black figures.

The movement, which has been trending on social media, was started by a social media influencer and university student Shawn Taylor on January 25. Taylor has urged other students to participate in the challenge, and the students themselves have not disappointed. They are painting their doors with late and living black actors, politicians, musicians, athletes and other well-known people.

According to the students’ tweets, the participants are doing more than just painting faces of prominent African American. They are including artwork, quotes and facts that highlight black greatness, beauty, power and excellence. The challenge is truly uniting students from all backgrounds and from multiple schools.


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