Stephen A. Smith Justifies The Fear of Black Black Men And The Actions of White America on ESPN First Take

by | May 24, 2014 | Celebrities | 1 comment

I honestly wish I could take credit for this analysis and rant, but I cannot. It is a friend of mine and he is anonymous.

This dude just justified the fear of black men that goes WELL beyond any willingness of “the other” to assimilate into “mainstream” culture. 

This fear didn’t start with what we did or didn’t do, how we dressed or didn’t dress, how we talk or didn’t talk. 

stephen a smithThis fear is grounded in a psychological and cultural state of being that is connected to a framework grounded in a INTERNAL need to justify why there is such a vast gap in opportunity, wealth and privilege in this country. If one can successfully BLAME the victims of policy discrimination (what REAL RACISM is) then one can feel happy with their disproportionate share of said resources.

I am one that probably out works the vast majority of people and been in and out of these accepted spaces. Been everywhere from the hood to an Ivy League school where I dealt with these Steven A Smith clowns on an everyday basis. 

They are schooled but uneducated and swift at the tongue but don’t say shit but a repeat of rightwing logic that states “WE TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU DO BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! 

In fact many BELIEVE like many have in the past that they are better than their brothers simply because they choose to run the race of assimilation and duck their heads politically on anything significant unless it lines up with “mainstream” American values and paradigm.

Its sickening! And what is more sickening is so many of us that actually believe this bs.

What I would like some of us “educated” to do is to get big and bad about the political and economic policies that get passed locally, at the state level and nationally. I want to see how tough they are about taking on those in power who work EVERY single day to create realities that foster the “criminals” they think every black boy in a hoodie is.

Until then, honestly, they can shut the f- up. Cause some of us, are more educated than they are and laugh heartily at these courageous stances that amount to nothing more than what the average KKK member says when he is talking to his buddy.

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  1. Reneegede

    Nah, we have prejudices; but we ain’t racist. If we were, nearly every white man in a police uniform with a badge, or even in a suit would be shot at or dead. That’s a threat for a LOT of Black people, it’s threatening clothing and a threatening stance and look.


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