Stanford MBA Turns Down Half A Billion To Keep His Business Black Owned

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Have you ever heard of Tristian Walker? Well, the 31 year old seems to be serious. Cutting his teeth in Silicon Valley and becoming one of the few blacks in Tech the 31-year-old Stanford MBA graduate saw a missing gap in the market and forged ahead to solve a real issue for black men.

Walker, like many other black men, has long suffered from razor burns and bumps. This seems to affect up to 80% of black men and men with thick curly hairs. Traditional men’s shaving products cut under the skin and allow these thick hairs to grow back in.

The market gap was wide open and as a man of color Walker felt personally involved! So he found Bevel and put is heart and soul into marketing a real product that makes personal grooming easier for the black male.

Of course the big boys saw their mistake and it was reported that an offer came in from Schick, Procter & Gamble and Gilette. The offer was a whopping half a billion dollars. A nice sum for a startup!


But this man knew his market, knew his pride and opted to keep his business black and keep himself at the forefront of his niche.


Read more about Walker on Fast Company here:

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