Stacey Dash Would Say Anything for Fox, But a Lawsuit Reveals the CEO Thought of Her as ‘The Black Girl’


Andrea Tantaros has continued with revelations about Stacey Dash and her former boss Roger Ailes. She told the court of how racism and gender-based harassment faced most of the Fox employees.

The Fox boss is said to mistreat black employees and refers any mistakes to black women.

On one occasion, Tantaros told Harris to stop behaving like an angry black woman.

In addition to racism, sexuality was a tool of mistreatment. Tantaros revealed how Ailes asked if Greg Gutfield was gay or if Dana Perino was lesbian.

As if that was not enough, he proceeded to ask if they were sleeping together. Kimberly Guilfoyle was another victim of inappropriate sexual questions against Eric Bolling.

Even with more than seven women accusing the Fox boss of harassment, Donald Trump still believes Ailes is a very good person.

Tantaros quoted one time Ailes told her one time after classing with  Stacey Dash on air, “I heard you were mean to the black girl.” However, the reaction from Dash is worth waiting especially now that she has been on suspension since December.

Although the news firm seems to defend family values, there seems to be a lot that goes on behind scenes.


Maybe profanity against President Barrack Obama was not the sole reason for suspension of Stacey Dash.


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