If Spicer Doesn’t Understand That Jews Were Hitler’s “Own People”. Then He Should Be Fired!


Sean Spicer got himself in quite the bind when he told the press that Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons” on his own people like Assad has.

Of course the room was a bit shocked and instead of try and apologize immediately for the monumental cock up he tried to justify and adjust his saying to say that he meant not in the same way (video below).

Reporters were there to remind him about something called the holocaust and the gasing of jewish and other people not to Hitler’s liking. People who were very much Hitler’s people and the people of regimes who sided with the Nazi leader.


He has since apologized for the remarks but I just feel it’s too little too late. He stood up there trying to justify his bs remarks rather than trying to apologize and back track as he should have done.

It’s these incidents time and time again that prove this man is just not up to the job. Gaf after gaf he is bringing down the professionalism of the white house further than one could imagine, as if Trump was not enough!

I think this is the last straw, he should be shoved out.

What do you think?


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