Brazilian midfielder, Everton Luiz, left the soccer field in tears after opposition fans jeered him with monkey noises throughout the entire game in Serbia.

His team, Partizan Belgrade, won the match 1-0 against FK Rad but I am sure any elation related to the win was killed by the absolutely disgraceful racist bullying.

At one point the game was even stopped so a banner that was insulting against Luiz could be removed, warnings were also issued to the racist chanters over the PA system to no avail.

The Independent reported:

Luiz appeared to make a gesture to the Rad supporters after the final whistle, which sparked small scuffles in the stands and arguments between his fellow players on the pitch.

The former Lugano and St Gallen midfielder then left the field of play in a clear state of distress.

After the match, he told reporters: “I’ve been suffering racist abuse during the entire 90 minutes and also was upset by the home players, who supported that. They were all attacking me.”

“I want to forget this as soon as possible. I love Serbia and the people here, that is why I cried. But please say no to racism.”

Luiz’s manager, Marko Nikolic, called for Serbia’s football authorities to discipline Rad’s supporters, but did not condone his player’s reaction to the abuse.


He said: “Everton should not have reacted but something provoked his outburst, didn’t it?

“Both sides in the incident should be punished. These things happen in football but it is now up to the authorities to sanction the offenders. It’s a return to the reality of Serbian football.”

However, Marko Nikolic, has also previously been involved in a racists scandal after he called a player at his previous club a “black idiot” for spending too long celebrating a late equaliser!

He was dismissed from that previous position and faced a 7 match ban.

Personally I have spent a fair bit of time in Easter Europe and experienced the disgusting racism towards black people at the hands of nasty, uneducated and frustrated peoples…. however there are also many fighting back against this disgusting rise of the far-right that goes hand in hand with this behavior.

Story details sourced from The Independent.


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