“White Girl, Take OFF Your Hoops.” was spray painted onto the side of a dorm at Pitzer College in Southern California, a college devoted to unmoderated free speech through art.

The message was spray painted by a group of Latinx students to make a point but has been denounced as hate speech by the college President.

College president Melvin L. Oliver sent an email to students saying speech that “resorts to hate, violence and threats” will not be tolerated and that productive discourse and opposing views that “broaden our perspectives as global citizens” are encouraged.

The spray painted message was said to have been created by Student Alegria Martinez and other women of color because they are tired of white women appropriating their style, that of course includes hoop earings!

Below is the image of the message. Would love your thoughts on this? Is it hate speech, are the students right?

(Photo: Facebook/Alegria Martinez)