SMH: Videos Show FULL STORY When Police Pepper Sprayed An 84-Year-Old Woman!


Muskogee Police tried to dance around the fact that they entered a home and pepper sprayed an unarmed, non-dangerous 84-year-old woman and the Oklahoma media also didn’t jump on the cause…. They only released clips, skirted the issue and didn’t really make the meal out of it that it deserved.

This lady is 84-years-old for god’s sake! No matter how or why police entered her home, unless she was armed and a serious danger, she should not have been pepper sprayed! Do you agree?

Well, if by any chance you do not, just watch these videos below. They were collected by PINAC’s Investigative Researcher Felipe Hemming and published on

This can’t rest, surely the officers have to be brought to charge, to discipline, to at least fully explain the unexplainable actions! Something!

Shake My Head!


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