The absolutely abhorrent act of torturing the white special needs boy by 4 black teens is despicable. I don’t think a single person is in doubt of that and black, white, green, no one is trying to stick up for the horror that these people committed against one man. There were some questions over whether or not it was a hate crime but lets face it, there are always questions regarding this no matter the color or religion of people involved and this should be something that needs to be looked at carefully.

These teens deserve harsh punishment for what they did to this boy. The hate angle deserves a hard look at too, they shouted fuck white people and fuck Trump.

So, that’s clear, we all agree.


Tomi Lauren, however, seems to think that this terrible crime is as bad as they get! She compared it to that of Dylann Roof, who murdered 9 black people at a black church and now faces the death penalty. She said these teens deserve a spot next to him! Seriously Tomi?

What is wrong with this woman, she is just inciting more hate!

Watch her ridiculous rant below:


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