Serena Williams: White Men Have Treated Me Better Than Black Men


I have to be honest, hearing Serena Williams making a statement like this kind of threw me for a loop. I know for a fact that Serena Williams is pro-black and well aware of her history. But this begs the question, can you be pro-black and have a mate from another race? If I had to personally answer this question, my answer would be no. I believe in what Dr. John Henrick Clarke said about marriage, “In order to preserve the bloodline, you must marry black and reproduce black children.”

Serena Williams got engaged last week to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Ohanian happens to be white and many are wondering why Serena chose to marry a white man after dating so many Black men. Well according to the greatest female tennis player and quite possible the greatest female athlete of all time, of all the men she dated, the white men especially her now fiancé, treated her better than the Black men.


“When I date someone I never see color,” Serena said, “I date who I have chemistry with, but I must say Alexis has treated me better than any Black man I have dated.”

Putting a statement out like this makes black men look real bad, I don’t think that was her intention. However, it still makes us look pretty bad. Maybe she just hasn’t dated the right black man yet. Even if she truly feels this way, I wish she would have kept this private and not made this a public statement. Black men and women must protect each other and their images.


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12 thoughts on “Serena Williams: White Men Have Treated Me Better Than Black Men”

  1. Very stupid remark Serena! How many black men are in the whole wide world? How many white men are in the whole wide world? To say black men or to say white men comma when you have met only .0 0 0 0 0 1% of them, makes your statement very dumb.

    1. Wow serious hating, We all get the .000000001% aspect of this. It is not a stupid remark. She made a comment that reflected her life experience. She make a direct remark about her life experience. She did not extrapolate anything beyond that. Your just mad that she made a comment that does not fit some storyline that you care about it.

  2. I think that most people don’t realise that when they love themselves better, love comes stronger and vice-versa. This statement simply shows that at this moment Serena relies on a man to survive, of which i very much disagree, She should be aware that, her mind is much more settled than before, no wonder love comes to her..If it’s really what she mean’t then i am sure this man will be tired soon in order to fulfil her wants, he will definitely quit this burden from his shoulders 😉 A magnetic woman is a natural and does not depend on weather conditions, just like a light house

  3. I believe the point in her statement was lost. An individual white man treated her better than the black men she has dated. That’s not to say the black men treated her wrong. Every relationship should pale in comparison to your husband/wife. I am extremely dedicated to building up black families but if we ignore the positive and strong feelings we have with people outside that we leave openings for fantasy and eventually further damage. You damage generations with resentment and hate.

  4. Koba, grow up.
    Ms Williams did not say that ALL black men mistreated women, not even that shr eas treated badly by black guys. She said that this one guu treated her well, sje has great chemistry with him and wants to be able tonspeak her truth.
    Sje can say what she likes. She earned that right (we all have it but she earned it.)

    And quit this “we gotta have black kids”: it’s racist. It suggests that mixed-race kids arent black or not black enough. Thanks for that.
    And there are gay people out here and thise who don’t want kids, so please none of your sexism

    1. Right on (except you need better spelling/grammar).

      And I must add that even if she meant that black men treated her poorly, that’s the kind of thing that DOESN’T need to be kept to herself. I’m sorry, but there is definitely a ton of disrespect and poor treatment flowing from black men to black women, and it’s time that is acknowledged and that black women defend themselves. And black men need to quit worrying about how black women speaking the truth “makes them look” and start worrying about the fact that this is what a lot of them do and try to figure out how to fix that issue if you want black women to remain so-called “pro-black.”

  5. Emerald Pemberton

    It is what it is. That is her
    honest experience, human beings need to treat each other with respect and dignity. Enjoy your relationship daughter, blessings to you

  6. Let’s be honest, when we take a quick look at Serena’s economic and social position the number of eligible Black Men pales in comparison to our Caucasian counterparts. And while you’re looking consider this: 1) One in five Black Men are incarcerated, on probation or parole 2) One in five Black Men are HIV positive, 3) One in five Black Men are gay, 4) One in five Black Men suffer from a form of drug addiction, 5) One in five Black Men are already married. That leaves number 6) One in six Black Males above the age of 25 is single and “too busy chasing pussy” instead of searching for a quality Black Woman as a mate, wife, partner and Mother of their beautiful Black Children. Where is the “Sixth Black Man?”

  7. I believe in what Dr. John Henrick Clarke said about marriage, “In order to preserve the bloodline, you must marry black and reproduce black children.”

    Sounds exactly like something Hitler could have said, if you replace black with white.

    That said, 70 % black children born out of wedlock means black men impregnate their black girlfriends and moves on. Figures for whites is about half.
    So Serane may very well have a point. Rihanna too (maybe) being tossed around and bruised by her fella.
    But you want them to lie or shut up…

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