Scholarship Program Established In The Name Of Philando Castile


Friends, relatives and family member of Philando Castile remain grateful with respect and love for his great service toward kids at a traditional high school in Minnesota.

Based on the successful service of Philando, the old students association has agreed to create a scholarship in Castile’s name.

A fundraiser for the scholarship was held at the St. Paul Central High School in Minnesota.

The scholarship is for unprivileged scholars who want to advance their study in child development or education will benefit greatly from the scholarship program.

At J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School, Philando Castile performed his service by serving over four hundred students meals two times every day.

Philando affected kids positively while working at a study center without having any education approval.

On this note, the scholarship students will be expected to perform the same service just like Castile. Whether the scholarship program will be awarded semi-annually or annually will be highly dependent on the success of the fundraiser.

Normally, the school will resume on September 6, marking the actual date that Philando was killed by a law and enforcement officer in a traffic stop of Falcon Heights.

Philando became the 115th person of color to be killed by law and enforcement officer in the United States of America at the time of the shooting. P


hilando’s fiance was able to take live stream and recording of the event immediately after the shooting.

She was also there with her toddler daughter in the vehicle.


justice for philando


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