It’s a common belief that activities like yoga are exclusively for women in perfect shape. With a little extra weight, you feel like you have to cross out activities like yoga from your lifestyle. Should this be the case? Certainly not!

The myth that plus size women can’t or shouldn’t do yoga needs to be thrown out the roof. For those who are still skeptical about plus size women and yoga, this short clip created by The Penningtons Blog, introduces Dianne Bondy – a celebrated yogi who shares some inspiring words that set the record straight.

This video is dedicated to every plus size woman who wants to experience the real benefits of yoga. It’s an unbelievable source of inspiration for anyone who’s ever felt too intimidated to consider taking yoga classes because of their weight. The words of encouragement from Dianne herself will help you to walk straight into a yoga class with your head held high ready to face your fears.

Why Plus Size Women Shouldn't Do Yoga.

Posted by WORK: Work Out Revolution w/ Krystal on Monday, January 4, 2016

Bondy shares her own experience with issues like self-acceptance and self-love on her Facebook page to encourage women who are in the same position she once was. She posted:


“.. I will no longer apologize for my body, for my size and for who I am. I stand in my power!… ”

The featured video is a part of the #iwontcompromisemovement, a campaign run by Penningtons Blog in order to inspire women to work towards accepting themselves and doing what they love. This campaign advocates for taking steps to improve one’s quality of life without worrying too much about other people’s judgements.

This video will inspire even those who are not interested in yoga. Videos like this help to promote self-acceptance and inspire women to love who they are and wear what makes them feel good. Click on and be encouraged.


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