Sandra Bland’s death after a routine traffic stop in Texas led to protests and many many unanswered questions. Although her death can never be taken back there was some hope that new rules could be passed to try and ensure this would not happen again in the state.

A bill was drawn up for this and lawmakes passed the bill but not before stripping it back and weakening but to a point that Bland’s sister says it “painfully misses the mark,”.

The bill was originallt drafted with wide spread police reform, anti-racial profilig measures, jail cell training and more.

However it faced opposition from officers and of course Republicans. Bland’s older suster Sharon Cooper said that


“What the bill does in its current state renders Sandy invisible,”

“It’s frustrating and gut-wrenching.”

She went onto say the bill

“isolates the very person it seeks to honor”

“It painfully misses the mark for us,”

Democratic state Rep. Garnet Coleman said:

“I share her displeasure. This is not what any of us wanted,”

“She should be upset and not pleased with the results because we all hoped for more.”

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