Rev. Jesse Jackson: Need Bold Comprehensive Change In The Police


The national movement for awareness and change over the treatment is gaining serious momentum as pressure for change is growing in Chicago with the protests related to the release over the video showing the cold blooded murder of black teen #LaquanMcDonald.

Now Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson is putting his voice out there after joining calls Chicago’s police superintendent and a top prosecutor to resign on saturday.

The Thanksgiving also saw holiday shopping disrupted in downtown chicago as around 2000 protesters swamped the main shopping district making various stores close their doors for a short time.

Jackson spoke up too and helped strengthen calls and the Huff Post reported that:

In addition to calling for the removal of Alvarez and McCarthy, Jackson demanded the appointment of a special prosecutor to try Van Dyke. He said he wanted a federal investigation into the police department with the aim of changing what critics say is a culture of racial bias.

“We need bold comprehensive change in the police department and the criminal justice system,” Jackson said during a news conference at his Rainbow PUSH headquarters. “Too much time for too little crime.”



Jackson also took the opportunity to call for a “White House conference on violence for cities in urban areas and innovation to help create opportunities in disenfranchised communities.” according to the Huff Post.

Any strong voice to aid this movement is welcomed right now. Something has GOT TO CHANGE.


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