Read Open Letter from Mother Whose Son was Burned by Classmate with Hot Glue Gun During Racist Attack


Ladue Horton Watkins High School which is located in St. Louis has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Recently two white students received a one day suspension for telling black students to go to the back of the bus. What didn’t make the headlines was Lynette Ursery’s son, who was physical assaulted by a racist classmate. Lynette took to Facebook about the incident:

“I’m sure some of you have heard of the many hate crimes, racial slurs, racial acts and acts of violence going on since the election. Specifically surrounding Ladue Horton Watkins High School. There was an incident that took place on the bus where the white students suggested and chanted that the black kids should all go sit in the back of the bus (just last week) some already know my son attends Ladue he’s a sophomore. Nov 10th last week he was cornered in the classroom by a Caucasian student antagonized and taunted with a hot glue gun. Several times this student poked my sons arm with a hot glue gun, squeezed out a big blotch in my son’s chair, not knowing he sat in it, resulting in his bottom being burned. That wasn’t it. This student continued by squeezing out hot glue on a piece of paper and slapping it on my sons arm. He now has a 3rd degree burn. First thing Friday I went to the school demanded a principal and was told I need to schedule an appointment, first appointment available was Tuesday of the following week. After demanding to speak with someone now I was told someone will call me. My son’s principal did call back, however was to follow up. To date we have yet to speak with or hear back from a principal from the school. Ladue has to be one of the most racial profiling schools in Saint Louis, MO. This is sickening what is happening to our children and the response and action the district is taking when it comes to African American students. It saddens me. After an anti-racism/bullying meeting today I learned that this problem has been in this district for years and years now. With little to no consequences. Get to the back of the bus, being burned and being told get on the ship to go back to Africa is just a piece of what this district has going on and try to sweep it all under the rug.”


At this point the school district has made it clear that they do not care about the black students in the district. It’s time to start filing lawsuits. Lynette’s son was physically assaulted and not suing the school district and the person who committed the crime only sends the message that the behavior will be tolerated. My first instinct is to BTA (you’ll figure out that acronym…lol) but we already know that a black student defending themselves only leads to the black student being expelled. So make sure the current administration is replaced (fired) and the students are charged with hate crimes, assault and anything else you can think of.


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