A black woman is being harassed at her apartment complex and the leasing office tells her there’s nothing they can do. The harassment began only five days after signing her lease. It started with a knock at the door, when she answered no one was there. After this happened a few time, someone began slipping notes under her door garnished with racial slurs. The first note read, “niggers don’t belong here.” The second one simply read “nigger bitch.”

The Timber Lodge leasing office and BLDG management have told Allison Butler that their hands are tied. They can’t do anything about what happens in the halls and if she wants to get out of the lease, she can “buy out of it” by paying months’ rent despite the fact that she’s being harassed. The office is showing no empathy for her situation and the need for people to live in peace with a sense of safety.


“Their response every time is that they cannot control what happens in the hallways,” Butler said.

If they’re bold enough to slip threatening letters under her door, who’s to say they won’t try to do physical harm to her one day? Will the complex be held responsible?

“I’m going to school to be a therapist. I truly want to do good in the world. So the fact that I could be reduced to a ‘nigger bitch’ does hurt,” Butler said in an interview.




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