Police Officer Facing Death Threats After Exposing Racist Police Chief for Calling Blacks “Monkeys” & Worse


Many people wonder whether there are any “good cops” in the law enforcement.

A police officer is termed as a “good cop” if he or she cannot stand the officers who do bad things and makes efforts to report and hold such a police officer accountable.

These good officers should be highlighted and recognized by the society. One such officer, Alex Stone, in Clatskanie, Oregon who reported his chief for making discrimination and racist remarks is now receiving death threats.

To the residents’ dismay, this former police chief by the name Marvin Hoover, aged 56, voluntarily stepped down giving him a paid administrative leave. The residents have been questioning this move.

One resident by the name Aimee Driskill has been so affected by this kind of treatment accorded to the former chief. They are wondering why the former chief was allowed to step down voluntarily instead of being fired and held responsible for the allegations.

Marvin Hoover, the police chief is said to have been making monkey noises and prance in comparison with actions of the African Americans citizens. T

he discrimination and racism actions were so apparent that none in the force could dare deny them, even the chief himself.


According to the statement made by Officer Stone, Chief Hoover’s racist remarks came after an African American lady made claims that she would sue the police department for racism.

The monkey sounds and prance were the chief’s response.



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