This morning I am mad. You have heard by now that armed security guard Jemel Roberson was fatally shot at his work in a Chicago bar by a white police officer who was called to the scene of a potential mass shooting incident. When the white officer arrived Jemel had his knee in the back of the guy who started shooting and had him down on the floor. The offer still shot Jemel dead, despite witnesses saying they were shouting out that Jemel was security.

Jemel did his damn job, not only did he save a bunch of lives, he did it without even killing the shooter. He had every right to shoot that man through the back of the head. BUT HE DID HIS DAMN JOB.

Reports say a bunch of white men were told to stop being rowdy in the Chicago area bar Manny’s Blue Room in Robbins. One came back with a gun and started shooting. The police were called.

Jemel apprehended the guy outside and SAVED LIVES RISKING HIS OWN! You could not even make it up that he was then gunned down by one of those who are supposedly here to serve and protect.

Statistica says “The statistic shows the number of mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and November 7, 2018, by race and ethnicity of the shooter(s). Between 1982 and November 2018, 60 out of 106 mass shootings were initiated by White shooters.” – src https://www.statista.com/statistics/476456/mass-shootings-in-the-us-by-shooter-s-race/.

Source: Facebook

So, if the word MASS SHOOTING had anything to do with the police call the police should be under directive to aim the gun at the white guy. But wait, they hardly ever kill the mass shooters, yet a Black man wandering around doing sweet nothing minding his own business gets shot for being scary! A Black man doing his damn job gets shot for being Black, no matter if he is wearing SECURITY in big letters across his hat.


I am so so sad, this cannot go on but there is no letting off in sight. Law enforcement needs SERIOUS reform and it needs to happen now. The government are doing seemingly nothing so maybe it is time this came from the people…. But we all know what happens when too many Black people gather!

I just can’t anymore!

Young Turks feel the same I can see

More details of this awful story can be read here https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/13/white-officer-shot-black-security-guard-chicago


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