Philando Castile’s 4 Year-Old Daughter asked Her Mom to Claim Down so She Doesn’t Get Shot (Video)


Video was released of Philando Castile’s finance, Diamond Reynolds, and his daughter in the back of a police car after officer Jeronimo Yanez murdered him. Then police decided to handcuff and arrest Reynolds right there in front of her daughter.

Reynolds screamed an obscenity out of frustration once her phone died and they’re daughter said, “Please mommy stop saying curses and screaming because I don’t want you to get shooted.”

Any person with any type of compassion is emotional just listening to a 4 year-old speak those words. She sat in the back seat and watched her father comply with everything the officer asked him to do and then be shot in the chest in front of her. This we traumatize her for the rest of her life. Every time they’re pulled over, which could very well happen a lot give the fact that her father who was describe by students at his school as the Mr. Rodgers with dreads was pulled over 49 times.


Then she tells her mother she’ll protect her.

Imagine the trauma this little girl will experience for the rest of her life. This country has zero regard for black lives let alone black children. These weak and fragile officers need to be taken off the street immediately.


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