I find it utterly ridiculous how racist the NYPD has been in the past and continue to be in the present.

It is as no elected officials see anything.

I take that back, they see it, they ignore because that is part of the plan.

Can someone explain to me how we live in a world where a white kid can walk into a church and murder 9 black people, get arrested in a non-violent way, be driven to Burger King by the police because he was hungry, then go to jail?

Meanwhile, the Dallas sniper who killed a few police officers was blown up by a drone robot.

Unfortunately, I can give too many examples of this privilege which brings me to this.


I’m not sure what this man did nor do I care.

The NYPD put him in a body bag while alive.

I simply can’t make any sense of this, can you?

It is almost as if the NYPD goes HUNTING for fish (black men) everyday.

Utterly INSANE!


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