The terrible tragedy that saw around 50 dead in Orlando Affected Blacks, Latinos, Whites, Men, Women. It was a heinous act, an act of hate towards people.

Of course not everything is cut and dry. The shooter is being painted as an Islamic Fundamentalist, aligned with a terror cell to create fear and mayhem.

However a clear picture is emerging that he was unstable, not religious at all, violent to his family and likely closest homosexual. All the hallmarks of a hate crime by a very messed up individual.

However, a video has emerged that makes this whole thing even more complicated. During a period of not shooting he had a message for some of his black hostages.


Scroll down to see the video below:

So, she says he pledged allegiance to Islamic Terror and told the black folks that isn’t wasn’t against them and that they had suffered enough already! He says he wanted America to stop bombing his country.

What do you think of this?


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