At what point do we just separate ourselves from white people? I’m speaking in the sense of not giving a damn what they say, what they do (outside of doing us any harm or injustice), what they believe in and etc. Why do we care so much as to what they think, do, and say? With that being said, did you know that some white people believe Jesus Christ is their n*gga?

Let me be the first to say I don’t find the video funny nor do I condone it. But I do think it shows just how silly religion is and the lengths in which white people will go to be at the forefront of it. In my opinion, we need to give white people their Jesus back and only deal with them when necessary.

When you see stuff like this, it becomes obvious that this is a game being played. Hell, the only book they gave us while being enslaved was the bible. That is something to think about (get out of your feelings and think!).