Oh No! Fox News Receives Lowest Ratings in 12 Years


This might become a great surprise to you…in a great way. The January 2013 television ratings are in and guess what? Fox News received its lowest rating in the past 12 years. Not good at all, but many of you are probably pretty happy about the findings.

Oh No! Fox News Receives Lowest Ratings in 12 Years

oriellyThe low ratings from Fox News came in the bread and butter category of 25 to 54 years old watching during prime time hours. Maybe more and more of these people are actually paying attention to what they are watching instead of stomaching some of story Fox News, or Faux News as many call them, report.


Just to pour a bit more salt on the wounds, Fox News ratings are down to their lowest total daytime ratings in five years.

On the other hand and another slap in the face to the “News” organization, is the fact that the Rachel Maddow show, playing on rival MSNBC, is up. Maddow’s show jumped from #14 last year into the top #10 spot. Maddow show is known to agitate and point many inconsistencies in Fox News reports.

If you are reading our website, we suspect you are very pleased to hear about the Fox News low ratings. But just in case you are not, we are open to hear about your disappointments. Feel free to leave your comments, either way, in the comment area below. We would love to hear from you.

Read More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/29/fox-news-ratings-lows-cable-news-january_n_2576689.html#slide=2041281


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  1. I use to watch Fox News each and everyday. I started to grow tired of the “False News” they were reporting. When Joe Scarborough took over the morning slot I started watching MSNBC. Here was a Republican such as myself telling it like it is. He was in toe step with the party bosses, and he did not does he take any mess. With Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman at the time MSNBC became my home news network. I am not a Rachel Maddow fan by any means, but the overal product of MSNBC is just better than Fox.

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