Not Homeless, But Hungry for Success: Young Black Man Holds Sign & Passes Out Resume Goes Viral


They say prayer without works is dead. This is true, but the lesson didn’t fall on deaf ears when it comes to James Humphries who stepped out on faith and his story is going viral around the country and in the community.

Mr. Humphries is a young, black man in need of a job. However, instead of just hoping and wishing, he did something different. He stood on a corner and looking for WORK. Not selling dope, but looking for actual work.

james humphriesWhile living in Chicago, one day Humphries had an idea. He said he always see people standing around downtown Chicago asking for handouts of money and food, but he wasn’t in need of either. He needed a job, so he thought he should hold a sign and ask people to take his resume. Afterall, this is downtown Chicago where are lot of people who hire are walking around all day.


He hesitated to act on his idea, but then saw the young woman in Colorodo do the same thing on the news and he knew he had to do this as well. He resolved that in the morning he would go downtown on State Street in Chicago with his sign and pass out his resume.

He did just that with a sign that read “Not Homeless, but Hungry for Success! Take a Resume”.

He mentioned in a radio interview that he didn’t ask anyone to take his resume, but prayed the right person would appear, take the resume and give him an opportunity to work in the marketing, media, editorial sector and give them all the passion and energy he is putting into his job hunt into their company.

These are the stories we should uplift in our community. The people not willing accept their circumstances, but get up off their tail and do something about it.

Not sure if Mr. Humphries has a job just yet, but with that level of ambition and energy there is no doubt there are more than just one out there waiting on him.

We wish you all the best, Mr. Humphries, but something tells us he won’t need it.


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