Nick Cannon Keeping it 100: “Funny how When a Man Stands Up for Himself the Media Fears His Mental Health”


Every now and then, celebrities get caught up in controversial news which put them on the spotlight. A few days ago, Nicholas Scott Cannon, alias Nick Cannon, found himself in that exact position. The 36 year old comedian, who has been hosting America’s Got Talent for eight seasons straight, surprised his fans when he announced that he’s quitting the show due to termination threats by executives at NBC. Through his Facebook page, Cannon announced that the move to terminate his contract was precipitated by an NBC joke that he made on his Showtime stand-up, which the executives considered racial and a dent to the company’s image. Subsequent to the incidence, the media went into an overdrive with a conspiracy questioning Nick Cannon’s mental health.

According to, the question of his mental wellness was further fueled by Nick’s abrupt move to fire key longtime advisers. Cannon’s first reaction to the claims of his mental instability was lighthearted and carefree. However, he has since rubbished the claims by saying that the media fears a man who stands up for himself. He strongly expressed this view in a tweet, and later followed it up with a status on Instagram which attracted some 20,000 likes. Ironically, part of his Instagram status read “I’m going crazy, who’s coming with me?”


Most can understand where he’s coming from, it happened to Martin Lawrence and Dave Chappelle. They began to speak the truth about controversial topics and the media did their best to discredit them and make them look crazy. When you go against the grain you must be crazy, right?


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