NFL Retired Star Shannon Sharpe Sets Every Person Straight On Colin Kaepernick


Shannon Sharpe is from Georgia and is not afraid to talk about race relations on national tv. Personally, I think the tv network got more than they bargained for. Shannon Sharpe set every white person straight yesterday when he said he has been black for 48 years, and that is only thing that most people see. The points that he made was extraordinary.

For example, he stated that a white person in Florida murdered two people and was caught eating a man’s face. Yet he was taken alive in custody and given a court date. The little white coward who marched into a church and murdered 9 black people was taken to Burger King after the murder because he was hungry. Yet black people are being murdered for Skittles, loose cigarettes, and selling CD’s.

If you have not heard this interview, take the chance and listen to it right now. Trust me, it is must see.


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