Newly Proposed Law Gives Reparations to African Americans | Do You Support it?


Washington, DC – On February 10, 2017, proposed legislation was submitted to the DC Elections Board, a form of reconciliation and awareness of all those who contributed to slavery.

Presented by John Cheeks, head of the United States Citizens Recovery Initiative Alliance Inc. (USCRIA), an unprecedented and tax free law for taxpayers that holds institutions accountable for their inhumane and discriminatory behavior.

The support will be funded by national and international organizations that participated in the slave trade, and will benefit the poorest that prove to be descendants of slaves by 40%.

A new hope for those who are at risk of social exclusion and which includes: help to businesses, educational opportunities, better health, support in mental health care, alcohol and drugs, housing ownership, veterans’ rights, financial protection, credit acceptance, and career rights. Distribution of benefits has been proposed, in part, to be based on DC Ward populations.

This is necessary for the initiative to be ready on the November, 2017 ballot for the public to vote if such an initiative should be enacted into law.


A good opportunity to restore justice! The proposed legislation was drafted over a year, by a team of experts and citizens working with USCRIA, and was submitted to the DC Board or Elections, on the same date as the United States Congress initiated the Fugitive Slave Law on February 12, 1793.


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