Names by Black Lives Matter on Hollywood Walk of Fame Removed


Just a few days ago, the Hollywood Walk of Fame received a makeover that we aren’t used to seeing. The names of those killed by policemen finally received Walk of Fame “stars” just like the Hollywood celebrities.

However, this didn’t last even a week since, according to The Root News website, the names have been removed.

There have been posts via various social media platforms that the names are no longer there, and so we are waiting to see what’s next for Black Lives Matter and Indecline, the two organizations responsible for the rare incident.

The names that had been included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame were Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Kimani Gray, and Freddie Gray.

The removal of the names in less than a week is something expected to raise eyebrows and even cause public decry, especially from the families of the victims.

The Indecline group had uploaded a video on Vimeo and Instagram on how they had pulled off placing the names on Hollywood Walk of Fame, but now it seems they’ll have to go back to square one.
Let’s wait and see how this unfolds.


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