A video released from August 7th, 2014 reveals police responding to a man, Lance Tamayo (age 45), waiving and pointing a gun at men, women, and children in Mission Bay Park, San Diego, but not fatally shooting to kill the individual.

man+with+gun1This is a stark contrast to the what has been seen in the media where unarmed, black men have been shot multiple times and killed by law enforcement.

The black men being shot by police are filled with bullets, where in this case with the white man waiving his guy was only shot one time and then negotiated with to move away from the gun as he fell.

All of this was caught on video camera by a man at the park. He caught everything that happened, which is why we know this is a stark difference to how black men are dealt with by law enforcement.


The police received a call that a man was waiving a gun and pointing it at people in Mission Bay Park. The police arrived on the scene dressed in riot gear, shields and ducked behind their vehicles.

After an hour long stand off, the man was shot by police officers one time. The man immediately went down, falling near the hand gun he was holding. For another 30 minutes, police negotiated with the man to move away from the gun, so he could be apprehended instead of just firing more bullets to “eliminate the threat”, as the black community has heard utter far too many times.

The law enforcement people will tell you, their aim is to make it home to their family, so if they are in danger, then they must do what is necessary for survival.

However, the mounting evidence in this country is showing that attitudes like this only apply when there is a black suspect involved. They will shoot first to kill with multiple shots, at least 10 in the case of Ferguson’s killing of Michael Brown, but not when there is a white suspect involved. As this case shown, only one shot was fired at and into the suspect on the scene.

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com

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