Mo’Nique To Lee Daniels & Tyler Perry: “Suck My D*ck”

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Mo’Nique has never been one to mince words. She got her claim to fame in her vulgar stand-up set about skinny women after all. Now, two years after the story about her being “blackballed” after issues with Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry surrounding the movie Precious, she decided to give a direct response to both Perry and Daniels. In her recent appearance at the Apollo Theater, she said, “I was not blackballed. I was whiteballed by some black d*cks who had no b*lls! Thank you Mr. Lee Daniels! Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry! Thank you Ms. Oprah Winfrey! No baby, I wasn’t blackballed. I was f*cked up by n*ggas who had no b*lls!”

Ouch! Mo’Nique decided to spare no prisoners! This issues with Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry stems from Monique not getting prominent leading roles after her Oscar win for her role in Precious. Rumors circulated from insiders in the entertainment industry that she was black-balled. She decided to tell her own story on V-103 Atlanta’s “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show” in 2015. In the interview, she shared that issues arose when she decided not to do an international press run for Precious due to her heavy workload. At the time, she was hosting her own late night talk show on BET (The Mo’nique Show) among other gigs that she had her hands in. After the situation, she was labeled hard to work with and she’s never seen and big time box office starring role since.

I take it to be a shame. Mo’Nique is incredibly gifted and politics stopped her from reaching her full potential after her big time Oscars win. However, is it right to continue dwelling on her issues with Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah? As the BET Awards loom, many fans are clamoring for Mo’Nique to come back and host the show for the fourth time (her last appearance was in 2007). However, this latest rant definitely isn’t a good look.
Source: 1) Mo’Nique Blasts Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry … ‘Suck My D***!’

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