Monique Gamble – Educator, Photographer, Advocate


Monique Alicia Gamble, born and raised in Alabama, USA, blazes her own path as a young African American woman. Understanding the importance of a great education, Gamble has accomplished goals and earned many awards and degrees over the course of a few years. In 1999, she enrolled at Tuskegee University in Alabama, a private historically black university. Here, she was earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After which, in the year 2005, Gamble pursued a Master’s degree in Political Science at the Howard University, another prestigious historically black university. After receiving her Masters, Gamble immediately began pursuing her Ph.D. in Political Science. During this period of study, she wrote the dissertation titled, “Ghana’s Black Gold Rush: Analyzing the Effects of Globalization, Political Leadership, Insecurity, and Oil on Development and Unemployment From 1960-Present”. This dissertation explored Ghana’s history, governance and economic development regarding the exportation of oil.

In addition to the aforementioned educational accolades that she has amassed over the years, Gamble has also served many years as an educator. Her years of teaching experience is extensive and it includes lecturing at Howard University and the University of the District of Columbia as a Professor of Political Science. She is also a researcher at Howard University and has published many works such as “Political Integration of Afro-Caribbean and African Immigrants in the Diaspora” and “The New Face of Discrimination: An Essay on the State of Black Politics in 2013.” With these pieces, Gamble aimed to shed light on American politics and especially its impact on people of color.


As a writer, Gamble has voiced her opinions on many political issues, through her published online works. One particular opinion piece that she wrote entitled, “Write Like a Man”, examined her own experiences as a female writer in a patriarchal society. In the piece, she encouraged women to say what needs to be said without holding back when it came to the viewpoints of women. Other opinion pieces that she published include, “5 Things I Hate about 2012 Politics.”, “Great Society.” Borderless News and Views”, and “Black History Month.”

Furthermore, Gamble has written a chapter on the political visibility of black women. This chapter will be published in the book “Outside In: Voices from the Margins” within the year. Dr. Monique Gamble has also graced the television screen, when she made an appearance on the TV program, “CaribNation”, where she detailed the effects the Trump administration has on American leadership.

Monique Gamble also has a passion for photography. She uses her artistic work to share the imagery of the life of black people in American society through the eyes of a black photographer. This was shown through her works that were displayed at “Songs of My People: 25 Years Later” photo gallery exhibit in 2017.

Dr. Gamble continues to be a truth teller and speaks on behalf of minority groups, women, people of color, and the LGBTQI community.


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